Wednesday, 3 September 2014

[COUNTDOWN] HEY SAY JUMP 13th Single ~end~


both PV dah selamat masuk
ke dlm laptop aku ni haa...
okey, I understand the feeling
of a Tobikko; patiently waiting for the releasing PV....

Weekender PVMaking PART1    PART2

colourful n lastly they change their outfit
to red+pink outfit...
i like...(^^,)

...both chinen n inoo look smart&cool in that outfit,
same goes to yuya, yamada, inoo and keito..

but for yabu n hikaru... hmm..
I don't know what to say la.
since they wore long coat...
yabu too skinny n hikaru nampak lain dgn coat tuu..
I understand its not their fault, its just my pendapat,
nak memenuhi ruang post kali ni
I think its better for yuya to wear long coat...
sedikit berisi+tinggi, xlah nampak pelik kan??
(mcm dlm PV Super Delicate...)

yuto's coat looks like Yankee who used to wear;
it is bcoz of suikyu yankee?? [--',]


Asu e no YELL PVmaking PART1    PART2

simple, interesting, and fantastic!!
becoz, i was amazed with this PV's unique idea...
and its blue!!!
looks suits with them...(^^,)

they make the floor by using 
colourful rolled paper yg dicantum2/lekat2/sambung2..
and HeySayJump just need to dance, move freely on it...
i'm not sure whether it is a paper, plastic+paper
or anything that i dont know their name--> just watch the PVmaking
so that u can understand what i mean...

apa yg aku tau the colourful floor is come from cantuman
something yg bergulung mengikut color...
and that was totally brilliant!!!

comparing the both PV,
I love this PV very much...
santai+nampak gumbira sungguh...
lighting pun okey... cerah+ceria jer muka mereka2 tu...

here ada lg photonya...
all pics from heRe
and the main source is here..

yabu kota

yuya takaki

inoo kei

hikaru yaotome

arioka daiki

keito okamoto

yamada ryusuke

yuto nakajima

chinen yuri


preview for PVMaking Weekender

why Hikaru n Keito tgk Yuya mcm tuu?


preview for PVMaking Asu e no YELL

*bukan senang nak tgk yuya gelak mcm tu dlm PVmaking..
betul x? iye2 ja aku ni...[--,]