Thursday, 9 October 2014

simple quotes, but... [--']

"...How many years have passed?
The precious things in life,
Remember the dream I drew on my heart,
When I close my eye, I
See a stadium of stars,
Now I stand here by myself,
Where my heart belongs…"


"...The past that’s already happened is History
The future we can’t yet see is a Mystery
Say “Oh” It’s that’s here now It’s FOREVER
Even if it’s this era, Make it hot
Raise those feet and rush To the top
We won't surrender anything It’s FOREVER..."

nice quotes right??
no.. no.. no..
it's not from me...
here, another quotes..

"...Open the door in front of your eyes, 
go meet the new world...
You and Me,
Let's grab our dreams 
My heart cried and smile, 
I have you who went through the same moments as me
If you collect the pieces of hope, 
there is light, smile, see it becomes peace..."

actually, those quotes are lyrics from 3 songs
from Hey Say Jump...

for the first quotes,
it is from "Where My Heart Belongs"
second quotes,
n the last quotes is from

pic from TobikkoWorld