Saturday, 24 January 2015

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyouya e Youkoso [ENG SUBS]~complete~

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyouya e Youkoso

hee... it is 2013 drama called as Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyouya e Youkoso...

Abeno Shomei (Nishikido ryo) is a good looking man who used to work as a host. One day, he rents a shop and hangs up a sign that says "Onmyoya". that word means , if I'm not mistaken, tukang ramal... lebih kurg mcm tu laa... with zero psychic power and lack of adab sopan, he refuses to perform the ramalan if there is NO profit to be made. walau bagaimanapun, he manage to solve his customers' problem.
how he do it???

Nishikido Ryo (Kanjani8)
as Abeno Shomei

Chinen Yuri (HeySayJump)
as Sawazaki Shunta, Shomei's assisstant

Kurashina Kana
as Tadano Michiko, Shunta's form teacher

what yg menarik di sini is
hee of coz la 2 of the cast is under JE... iaitu Ryo and Chinen.. haha..
aku baru dpt complete series with eng subs smlm...
that means aku xtgk abis lg....
juz tgk smpi ep 5 je...

i think there is something yg sbbkan that guy, Shomei
want to rent that shop and become tukang ramal..
what i mean is, shomei is anak org kaya,
so why he need to do that...?

satu lg,
until ep5, apa yg misteri di situ is,
the relationship between shomei and Shunta...??
Hmmm... I'm not discovered yet the truth behind it...
tgh sibuk dok download xsedar jam dah tunjuk jam 4 pg...
esok keje oiiit..
so, if you want to know,
here aku bagi link erk...
utk download senang jer...
just pastikan korg start that video tu....
then, right click and choose save video as...

*that teacher act in Suikye Yankee,
a drama where Yuya has acted as captain of water polo
and Yuto as yankee+ace of his water polo team...