Friday, 31 July 2015

FeecaMella Raya 2015 Giveaway


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Kawankawan hanya perlu jawab 1 soalan mudah and
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Boleh lah dapat duit raya and bergaya dengan FeecaMella dalam bulan Raya ni.
Raya kan Sebulan. Sempat lagi nak bercantik-cantik :) 

Giveaway bermula dari 23 July 2015
and berakhir pada 31 July 2015

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

How to create shout-Box?

another tips that I want to share...
mcm mana nak letak shout-Box??

~credit to owner~

klu ada yg perasan, b4 this 
addinfarhani mmg xprovide shout-box...
reason-nya? haha... Cheq pun xtau laa...
but mmg dolu2 addinfarhani xsuka letak box2 tu...

but sejak akhir2 ni, I do thinks that sesebuah blog
at least need to has a shout-box,
so that any new visitor can comment+follow kite,
then kite plak bleh follow mereka kannn?
so here aku letak link
kat mana addinfarhani redah gi cari Shout-Box tuu...

just follow the steps & they will give you the HTML code...
copy+paste at layout section,
then your own shout-box will be created...(^^,)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

~angel voice~

2 days ago I had found a song...
it is an eng version of japanese song
that I have listen for many years...

(clue: bird)

it is originally from Japan...
many japanese artist had sang it with their own versions
& the original one was sang by the folk group Akaitori...
(want to listen to that song?
feel free to scroll down as I've already provide the link...)

it also has been used in few drama/movies...
for example in Hanazakari No Kimitachi Remake

and also in Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) 2012

okeyh2... I will reveal the song's title...
it is called as
Tsubasa Wo Kudasai - 翼をください
(Please Give Me Wings)

it is a japanese folk song
written by Michio Yamagami
and composed by Kunihiko Murai

for the eng version,
it was sang by Susan Boyle
and the title of this version is Wings to fly...

Susan Boyle

I was amazed by her voice...
really soft n loud...
anyone who listen to it, will fall asleep... haha...

it just my thought, but it is true..
aku yg dengar pun rasa m'dayu2 ja...
cepat jer mata aku ni rasa berat...

here aku provide link to those yg nak dgr...
Tsubasa Wo Kudasai [Akaitori]
Susan Boyle [Wings To Fly]

and for me, I love the ballad version...
it is sang by Kawasumi Ayako
Tsubasa Wo Kudasai [ballad Version]


dolu2 masa zaman budak comot a.k.a sk rendah,
ada sorg budak ni tanya aku...
"byk2 binatang, hang nak jd binatang apa?"
then aku jwb la...
"aku nk jd burung... pg2 bleh terbang... sejuk ja..."

tp bila pikir2 balik,
alhamdulillah, aku jadi manusia...
yer la... burung pagi2 kena keluar cari makan..
skrg aku bgn ja pagi2,
dah ada lauk ataih meja... huhu..
nampak x betapa awalnya aku bgn pagi...(^^,)

just a joke ok...
don't take it so serious...

~G-Dragon Crayon~


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end: 11.59pg (28 Julai 2015)

バイロケーション[Bairokeeshyon] -Bilocation-


orait.. according to Mr.Google,
BILOCATION/multilocation is an alleged psychic or miraculous ability
wherein an individual or object is located
in two distinct places at the same time.

In the simple word, I can conclude as
when a person or an object appeared
in two places or more at the same time...

orait, it is a japanese-movie where the filming take place
on 7 June 13 - early of July 13, and has been aired on 18 Jan 14...
this movie is an adaption from a novelBilocation, written by Haruka Hojo
that published on 23 Oct 2010...

Bilocation poster/DVD cover

basically this is a horror-mystic-movie...
 there is a woman (Shinobu Takamura) who is a painter
was aiming to win in a competition...
however, one day she had been accused for using counterfeit money.
She was really confused since she was at home at that time.

Police officer, Takashi Kano has brought her to a place...
At that place, she meet few people and has been introduce to "Bilocation"...
that group also experiencing the same situation with Shinobu;
where a doppelganger-like-existence that looks like them and also act like them...
(*doppleganger is referring to an evil-form of bilocation) 

did she really owned the counterfeit money?
who are those people that Shinobu meet at that place?

I have provide the link...
If you want to know the answer,
feel free to click and watch it (^^,) ....

the casts:

Asami Mizukawa as Shinobu Kirimura
a painter

Yosuke Asari as Masaru Takamura
Shinobu Kirimura's husband

Kosuke Toyohara as Makoto Iizuka
the organizer of bilocation group

Sho Takada as Kagami
he is the only one who does not have bilocation
he is member of Johnny's Jr.

Kenichi Takito as Takashi Kano
A police officer/detective

Wakana Sakai as Mayumi Kadokura
a housewife

Kento Senga as Takumi Mitarai
a student
he is a member of Kis-My-Ft2

my comment:
it is a super-twist-movie...
I didn't expect at all...
even I've some uneasy feeling at certain scenes but
yeahh since I want to know what happened,
I over-focused on the next scene... huhuhu...

sho takada has played an important role!!!
and it was really good!!
I already watched him in Battery! and
his the reason why I found this movie...

If I'm not mistaken, at the middle-part of the movie,
Kagami has said to Shinobu, once Shinobu can find out
the real reason of Kagami's role in that organization,
she probably can know/understand the truth of what had happened...

~Happy watching~

Friday, 24 July 2015

thrilled changes [--']

I'm back!!!
Kini berwajah baru!!...
no more hitam-kelabu-asap...
no more kelawar sana-sini...
yg ada kini warna lembut pastel biru, merah, kuning...

blog header

blog background

why I decided to change blog theme color&design??
byk reasonsnya... antaranya:

dah lama sbnrnya nk 2kar design blog
but xdak masa yg sesuai..

alhamdulillah, even sibuk ckit,
but idea mencurah2... haha... 
dr balik from KL sampailah smlm,
around 11 malam mcm tu,
still ada tetamu yg sudik singgah rumah...
haha.. xpa2... tetamu kan pembawa rezeki..
yer dak?? (^^,)

so, secara automatiknnya,
aku punya mood mjd sgtlah baik..
that's why keluar semua idea warna-warni-pelangi...

2) JUMPing Car
as I mentioned before this,
Hey Say Jump has released
their 4th album, JUMPing Car....
n yeahh they managed to put HSJ
on the first spot on Oricon chart,...

such a lucky year for them right??
(^^,) in my opinion, the 4th album concept is
kawaii-ballad-rock-like songs...

so, we can see many relaxed-cheerful moments in the pv making...
many happy-noScript action too...
many bro-lil bro r/ship situation...
so, from there it is just appeared in my mind
that I should change my blog's color concept...
need to be more colorful nee~~~

BLUE car for Hey Say BEST
n RED car for Hey Say 7

-okeyh.. need to stop writing about them..-
back to the main topic...

btw, I sketch/draw the header by myself okeyh!!
I spent almost 2 hours just to express my idea
-since I'm not so good in drawing-...

3) just want some changes
somehow I realized, it is little bit childish but
, I like my new blog's design...
~it may takes a longer time for me to sketch new design again
so, for the time being, I will stick to this design...~


Monday, 13 July 2015

Mini Giveaway : #CelebratingRamadhanSyawalBersamaMyaFarisha

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