Tuesday, 28 July 2015

バイロケーション[Bairokeeshyon] -Bilocation-


orait.. according to Mr.Google,
BILOCATION/multilocation is an alleged psychic or miraculous ability
wherein an individual or object is located
in two distinct places at the same time.

In the simple word, I can conclude as
when a person or an object appeared
in two places or more at the same time...

orait, it is a japanese-movie where the filming take place
on 7 June 13 - early of July 13, and has been aired on 18 Jan 14...
this movie is an adaption from a novelBilocation, written by Haruka Hojo
that published on 23 Oct 2010...

Bilocation poster/DVD cover

basically this is a horror-mystic-movie...
 there is a woman (Shinobu Takamura) who is a painter
was aiming to win in a competition...
however, one day she had been accused for using counterfeit money.
She was really confused since she was at home at that time.

Police officer, Takashi Kano has brought her to a place...
At that place, she meet few people and has been introduce to "Bilocation"...
that group also experiencing the same situation with Shinobu;
where a doppelganger-like-existence that looks like them and also act like them...
(*doppleganger is referring to an evil-form of bilocation) 

did she really owned the counterfeit money?
who are those people that Shinobu meet at that place?

I have provide the link...
If you want to know the answer,
feel free to click and watch it (^^,) ....

the casts:

Asami Mizukawa as Shinobu Kirimura
a painter

Yosuke Asari as Masaru Takamura
Shinobu Kirimura's husband

Kosuke Toyohara as Makoto Iizuka
the organizer of bilocation group

Sho Takada as Kagami
he is the only one who does not have bilocation
he is member of Johnny's Jr.

Kenichi Takito as Takashi Kano
A police officer/detective

Wakana Sakai as Mayumi Kadokura
a housewife

Kento Senga as Takumi Mitarai
a student
he is a member of Kis-My-Ft2

my comment:
it is a super-twist-movie...
I didn't expect at all...
even I've some uneasy feeling at certain scenes but
yeahh since I want to know what happened,
I over-focused on the next scene... huhuhu...

sho takada has played an important role!!!
and it was really good!!
I already watched him in Battery! and
his the reason why I found this movie...

If I'm not mistaken, at the middle-part of the movie,
Kagami has said to Shinobu, once Shinobu can find out
the real reason of Kagami's role in that organization,
she probably can know/understand the truth of what had happened...

~Happy watching~