Sunday, 2 August 2015

~A journey of 2 young men~ [INTRO]

it is about a journey of 2 young men...
if I'm not mistaken, I've write about it b4 this as
I've explained on how to download the 12-eps video
describing about their journey...? hmm..
never mind... now I will story2 again (^^,)...

here the title for this special entry:
"A journey of 2 young man"
[Johnny's Journey to France: Takaki Yuya and Chinen Yuri]

who's that?
alright... I will make short explanation about them...
(huhh.. maybe it is not a 'short' explanation I guess [--'] ...)
they are members from a Japanese Idol called as
Hey! Say! JUMP!...

3rd album ~S3ART~


it is consists of two sub-group which are
Hey!Say!Best and Hey!Say!7 according to their age...

Hey! Say! BEST

Hey! Say! 7

So, one member of Hey!Say!BEST and also one member of Hey!Say!7
has been chosen to participate in the Johnny's Journey variety show...

yuya takaki (Yuya)-Hey!SayBEST

yuri chinen (chinen)-Hey!Say!7

b4 this Johnny-san had sent few artists under their management
to participate in Johnny's Journey variety show, which are:
-all pics credit to owner-

Yamashita Tomohisa ~Route 66~

Kitayama Hiromitsu ~India~

Takizawa Hideaki ~South America~

A.B.C-Z ~Australia~

now, it is Takaki-kun and Chinen-kun
turns in Johnny's Journey variety show!!!...
it is France~~

back to the main story,
both yuya and chinen have 8-days to reach Nice (France) from Paris
using local trains... b4 they reached the final destination,
they had visit few places, meet local people,
helping one-French-family, taste a great-fresh fruit,
experience paragliding and also enjoying the local foods...

unlike the other Johnny's Journey, this time
the production team did not describe-in-details
regarding the total of money spent by yuya and chinen...
and also I do feel may be two of them use translator-service...

besides that, yuya and chinen did not describe the details about
the place that they visits... they only just enjoy the moments
with bright smile on their impressed+excited face...

it is different from Kitayama-san journey as he had give
explanation to certain places that he visit at India--> may be
Kitayama-san had do some research about India...

yuya and chinen journey had been aired in 12-episodes
starting from 1st Oct 2012 until 17th Dec 2012....

I have decide to make a review for every episodes!!!...
and of coz it surely takes more time,
so once I had complete one episode, I will post it...
~~keep waiting nee~~

*I can't exposed the source of the video,
so just comment your email, and I will sent the link to you...(^^,)