Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to get rid of 400 BAD REQUEST ERROR?

it's always happened to me when I want to update my blog!!!

some blogger may face difficulty when to log in,
some blogger may have problem when to open their website...
so I tried to find the solution and I found it!!!

some causes of the prob:
1) we log in and off out of the accounts to often
where it resulting in unable to recognize the owner of the account,
2) the server could not understand the URL,
may be we copy+paste the wrong URL or
we miss some words/letter/code/symbol=create cookies

so here few steps on how to get rid of 400 BAD REQUEST ERROR!!!..

1) Go to tools and click on settings 

2) click on Show advanced Setting

3) Go to Privacy and click Clear browsing data

4) click Clear browsing data
*It may resulting in losing the password;
means you need to log in again
for Facebook, Gmail and others...
so REMEMBERED to write the password on your notebook
b4 you continue this step...

5) refresh the page and problem solved!!

thanks to computerhelp01 for the guiding in solving the problem..

actually there is another way to fix 400 BAD REQUEST ERROR..
instead of clear all the browsing data,
you can just select few items to fix the problems...
but since clearing all browsing data is the easiest way,
so I choose it!! haha (^^,)

those who use FireFox,
you can watch this video to fix 400 BAD REQUEST ERROR...
I'm sorry since I can't show the solution...
the solution for FireFox started at 02:09...

those who use Internet explorer,
i can't find the solution yet
since I'm not using it but I believe you can fix it
by clearing the browsing data too...