Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tepung Pelita

it's already evening nee~~
btw, today my mum was on leave
since she need to attend one event at my lil bro's school...
so, I was thinking to ask her to buy one traditional food called as
"Tepung Pelita"...

what is Tepung Pelita??

pic from ummuainries

it is a well-known traditional food at Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore..
it has two coloured layers, which are white and green...
the white layer is a mixed of rice flour, salt and coconut milk..
the green layer is a mixed of rice flour and pandan leaves water..

pandan leave water (air pandan)
pic from rachel

today, tepung pelita has been created
in many design and shape...
it is not always box-shape nee~~

even though it has many designs or shapes,
but the sweetness is still the same...
yeahh.. it is sweet in taste and
suitable for dessert and high-tea time;
perfect with hot tea!!

pic from masamManis

recipe?? haha...
just click the red-bolded word below the pics...
(pics credit to owner)

pic from iknewmyself

pic from dapurkakjee

pic from ceritaTina

btw, for this evening, it is not tepung pelita,
but my mum had bought this just now..

bread+sausages+chilli sauce

is it okey nee~~
as long as it is food... haha...