Monday, 16 November 2015

[DINNER] Luxurious Night - A

aku baru balik dari dinner...
that event handled by part 6 student...
n my part is--> tukang makan
my assumption completely goes wrong!!!
it's absolutely daebak!! sugoi!!

my own opinion,
I love it!!
no reason...
just feel like mcm smooth jer dinner td....
nampak mahal gitu...
ada jer persembahan from students
but acara xkelam kabut..
(I don't know the real situation, it is juz from my observation)
mayb sbb mkn hidang not buffet...
so xdaklah pelajar jalan sana sini nk tambah mknn..
I do feels like attending luxurious dinner as
masing2 khusyuk menjamu selera...

thumbs up to those yg bertungkus lumus
menjayakan event td..
even tika ini, kita semua sesangatlah bizi,
but U alls had made it!! ~congrats~

btw, i will update about it on this weekend,
since after this, i need to prepared for tomorrow's test...
~still hope that test can be postponed(--',)~
wish me luck erkk(^^,)

[DINNER] Luxurious Night - B

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