Wednesday, 23 March 2016

gomenasai minna!!!

gomenasai minna!!!
hontou ni, gomen ne...(T-T)
pic from HERE

actually I just realized about the comments
and surprisingly, those comments were
about 2 or 3 months ago!!!
seriously, I didn't realized it at all...

btw, if you still waiting me for reply the comments,
it is a worth waiting you know because I still have the link for
for those who has submit the email,
you can check your email now...
but those who does not submit the email,
kindly drop me your email at comment box or at shout box...

again, gomenne~~~

*for those who keep questioning why I can't provide the direct link to the subs video

I really appreciate those who willing to subs all johnny's video
it is such an unfair action if I just provide the direct link nee...
so because of that reason,
i have decided to give the link of the LiveJournal community
that subs the video...

that' means, you need to be a member of that community first
b4 you can get the subs....
in other words, I just provide the source of the subbing community,
not the direct link of the subbing video...(^^,)...

what you need in order to join the LiveJournal community???

1~Live Journal account
~some community not allowed the member to sign in LiveJournal
using Google+ account, so just make one and the problem solved~
2~ one post/entry introducing yourself and your bias
(just to make sure that you are not robot)
3~follow the community rules in joining them


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