Sunday, 19 June 2016


good news for TOBIKKO nee~~
our boys will released new album on this coming July!!
if I'm not mistaken it is on 27/7/16...
they have release the song lists included in the new album
and I really can't wait to watch their PV...
today, one of the songs had been released
and of coz it is in short version...

~pic credit to owner~

I think above pic is for Masquerade;
HSJ new song!!!
I want to watch it live....
or mayb they will perform this song at MUSIC DAY 2016??
who knows right??
haha.. it is just my imagination nee...

btw, someone had told me that
the letter A in the word DEAR.
is referring to no. v
which mean it is HSJ 5th album released
in 9 years after they debut...

not only that, they also had been scheduled
to perform concert...
and the logo for this concert had been released...

ganbatte minna!!!