Saturday, 9 July 2016

AAA [Attack All Around]

addinfarhani tahu, semuanya still
dalam mood raya...
but I still want to post about it...
again, this post definitely
has nothing to do hari raya...

okeyh... the title is
AAA [Attack All Around]
actually it is a name for a japanese group
that I just found few days b4 Aidilfitri
and now I totally fall in love
with their music...

I got to know that they had debuted in 2005...
hmmm... such a long time ago nee..


AAA consists of 5 men and 2 women...
(the ori no of this group is 8members,
but 1 of them has quit)

for me, this group is really unique!!!
bcoz of their voice....
I love their voice..
every member has unique voice...
and of coz every member has their own strong point!!!

I want to introduce the members of this group...
if you want to know about them,
just click this-->  AVEX-AAA....
all pics are from there

1) Naoya Urata
10 Nov 1982

main vocalist
the oldest member
he appearance look little bit fierce but
his voice is superb...

2) Takahiro Nishijima
30 Sept 1986

main vocalist
also a solo singer known as Nissy
knowing him from Delicious Gakuin and Tumbling
and he always smile...

3) Misako Uno
16 July 1986

female lead vocalist
actress, essayist
special guest starring in GTO 2013 New Year Special
as Maria (Saejima lover)

4) Mitsuhiro Hidaka
12 Dec 1986

rapper of the group
write rap lyrics for the group

5) Shuta Sueyoshi
11 dec 1986

love to watch him in [Next Stage] live performance...

6) Shinjiro Atae
26 Nov 1988

knowing him from Delicious Gakuin

7) Chiaki Ito
10 Jan 1987

the youngest member of the group

about their song,
hmm... actually I am not expert about it
but when I listen some of them,
I conclude that
their music had been influenced by the western style
and that's make the are different with other japanese group...
for example [NEW]...

I also found that
all the three main vocalist (Urata, Nishijima, Uno)
and the rapper (Hidaka)
has such a good voice...
their voice suit in any genre of songs..
oppsss... not only them,
but it same goes to the other three members...
which are Atae, Shut and Chiaki...
I can't choose which one is the best
since all of them are the best...

I really want to suggest some of their songs..
so kindly click below links...
No cry no more
Sayonara No mae ni
Aitai riyu

~enjoy watching~

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