Thursday, 11 August 2016



you already know who are they, right??
ehhh... no???
hehe.. dunt worry..
here, I will introduce them to you...

just knowing about them few minutes ago...
found their MV at youtube
and at first I just play it without watching the MV
since at that time I'm busy with clearing files at my desktop...

and suddenly, I stopped...
their music seems new to me
as I never listened such song...
the songs sound brave and full of violent...
haha... dont get mad but
that's what I feel...
so I just click at Youtube tab..
and what appearing in front of me is
and what surprised me is they are just debut few days ago
and they are from YG Entertainment...!!!
for a moment, I just realized that I missed so much info neee~~~
even though I'm VIP and sometimes I listened to 2NEI and also Lee Hi,
how can I missed such big important news..??haha...

put it aside, now it's BLACKPINK
genre: HipHop/Pop/R&B
all info are from blackpinkyg and Wiki

she is born at Seoul, and
grew up at New Zealand
leader, rap

Her real name is Pranpriya Manoban
and she is from Thailand
she is a part of Thai dancer
and she is the only person accepted into YG,
during YG Audition at Thailand in 2010
maknae, dancer, vocal/rap

Kim Ji Soo
visual, vocal

her real name is Park Chae Young
and she is from Melbourne, Australia...
she is good at playing guitar
main vocal

they are so beautiful and sexy...
their music somehow just like BIGBANG+2NE1 perhaps...
but hehe, I am not comparing them
but... since BIGBANG and 2NE1 are their senior,
I tend to make comparisons
since I want to know the difference between them...

after I listen and watch BLACKPINK MV,
it's proven that this new girl group
very talented and unique...
we can't compare them because
each group has its own strengths neee..
at young age, BLACKPINK really good voice &
I just fell in love with their strong melodious voice....
*I like Lisa voice*
just know that Jennie had confirm that their fandom is BLINK...
btw I got to know from someone that their haters are called as BLIND...

so here some pics for our princess....
~so sorry coz I can't remembered where I get the pics...
so, those who want to claim it, just comment and I will make a proper credit....~


1 - SquareOne (2016)
2 - SquareTwo (2016)
3 - AsIfItsYourLast (2017)

I have watch some of their appearance as guest for few shows...
and what a surprise is they are different compared to when they perform on stage...
mayb bcoz they are just a rookie, so they are not used to talk in front of the many people...
" worries... all of u can take time to improve it....(^^,)"

I have read some translation from their interview and somehow it is just what I said before... which is they are not used talking outside the stage...
(read the translation of that interview at here...)

the gap between BP on the stage and BP real life
is like the contrast of BLACK and PINK...
"...they are a loveliness,gentle,humble group that able to perform a great fierce & strong moves...."