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Itadaki High JUMP [2]

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Itadaki High JUMP

EP51 31.08.2016
yuya, inoo, daiki
make the children believe it's a dream and conquer hated things
(eggplant) ~ 9

*love this team coz they looks so comfortable
in carrying out the mission.. haha...
I keep watching this ep coz I love how they communicate,
especially when yuyan
has difficulty to talk with that girl... haha...

Itadaki High JUMP

EP52 (07.09.2016) & EP53 (14.09.2016)
tried to solve cases as many as they can, together!!!

Itadaki High JUMP

EP54 12.10.2016
hikaru, daiki, yabu
help a boy to jump over the 'obstacles'

*ohh... seriously, I have no idea
what should I call that obstacle...
huhu.... btw thumbs up to that chubby-boy!!!...
his passionate to complete the jump is sugoiii.....

Itadaki High JUMP

EP55 19.10.2016
yuya, yamada, yabu
challenge world champion ~ 6
they against Darts world champion and anoo
so sorry I did not know what that games being called...

*this time they have use some tricks...
anoo... this three young man
had been lectured by inoo-sensei nee...
I wish I can understands what inoo say
at the last part of the ep...(--,)

Itadaki High JUMP

EP56 26.10.2016
hikaru, daiki, yuya
Super Gourmet Tour
*among 5 dishes that they taste,
I really want to taste colorful bagel with cream cheese!!!
and also cabbage ramen....

*I noticed that at first, when they sitting in the bus,
Yuya n Daiki can't look at Hikaru...
especially Yuyan coz he look like
he had been struggle to not laughing... (^^,)
poor yuyan nee... I remembered yuyan had said that
he is bad towards onee... so, it is possible that he actually
scared when looking at Hikaru?? haha... let's us put this matter aside...
mayb it is just my feeling coz after the first dishes,
they looks comfortable to communicate with each other...

Itadaki High JUMP

EP57 02.11.2016
Hikaru, Inoo, Keito
solve the chosen problems

*it is first time I look Hikaru in that state...
haha... he looks so frustrating!!!
and Keito looks diff when wearing the spectacles...

Itadaki High JUMP

EP58 09.11.2016 & EP 59 16.11.2016
Inoo, Daiki, Yuto, Chinen
Challenge to take selfies that never existed before

*I prefer Chinen photo coz it is kakkoiiii!!!
wait2... I think I might chose Daiki photo also coz
he is surely get more troubles to take selfie at that situation....
haha... btw, it is my first time to watch Daiki being mad
towards the members... poor Dai-chan...

Itadaki High JUMP

EP60 23.11.2016
Yuto, yabu, Chinen
help a boy to ride the bicycle

*Yabu-kun faced the same prob as Dai-chan!!!
the boy refuse to response on what Yabu-kun said..
poor Yabu.. But the ending is so touching!!!
even Yabu-kun try hard to hide his teary eyes...

Itadaki High JUMP

EP61 30.11.2016
Yabu, Yuya, Yamada
Challenge world champion ~ 7

* yuyannn!!! he is so kakkoiii..

Itadaki High JUMP

EP62 07.12.2016
Challenge world champion ~ 8
1 - challenge against genius dribbler designer/specialist, Okabe Masakazu
2 - against tug-of-war champions, Irodori TC

*huhu... yuyan become onee...huhu..
he had said about it during 2nd challenge...

Itadaki High JUMP

EP63 14.12.2016
Inoo, Yamada, Chinen
help Yamada face his fears towards
natto, frog and haunted house....

*I laugh really hard when Yamada need o face the frog!!!!
I never expect that he would imitate the frog!!!!

Itadaki High JUMP

#6 24.12.2016
they viewing back last ep
and also aired some spoilers for the upcoming SP ep...

Itadaki High JUMP

#7 EP64 29.12.2016
Yuya,Daiki, Inoo, Yamada, Yuto guest: Hiromi & Taira Airi, Tsuruno Takeshi
1 ~ climbing Mount Hua, China
2 ~ helping a boy ride the bicycle

Yuyannn... feel proud of you...
even you are totally scared, but you are
brave enough to take the lead...!!!
I mean, you are a responsible nii-chan as you take a lead,
while Dai-chan followed you from the back....
and Yamada, congrats for your first challenge
to conquer fears of a boy... omedetou!!!
*I am agreed with Hitomi-san; "Yamada-kun, your voice quite soft nee..."
another fact... Tsuruno Takeshi-san,
he is the one that played as Ultraman Dyna!!! (^^,)

Itadaki High JUMP

EP65 11.01.2017
Yuya, Daiki
Behind the scene of
Yuyan and Dai-chan mission at China

*Actually, the staff thought that mayb Takaki and Daichan
unable to complete the mission (climbing mountain),
so they had prepared the backup plan;
where both of them also had carried out other
activities at China, in case there were many
aired time left in previous ep....

since both of them success in reaching the goal,
the team didnt have enough time to show all the activities
during previous eps... bcoz of that, for this week,
the team decided to show
all activities carried out by takaki and daichan
when they are at China...

besides that, since it is 10th anniversary of JUMP,
they exposed some members secret that fans didn't know...
I am really shocked of Keito secret!!
even JUMP also didn't know about that!!!

Itadaki High JUMP

 EP66 18.01.2017
Yuya, Daiki, Yuto
help a boy to play jumping rope

the boy is sooo pure, innocent....
he is sooo positive...
I mean, err... err... he is a really good boy...

Itadaki High JUMP

EP67 25.01.2017
Hikaru, Daiki, Yuto
solve the chosen problems

hikaru-kun!!!! daijoubu ????
are u okey?
this ep really make me speechless...
   especially when Hika with cats...!!!
even Dai-chan and Yuto also speechless
seeing the guy who has cat-phobia holds the cat....

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that's all...
JUMP has reach their 10th anniversary,
yeah... time flies so fast...
they had been faced all the obstacles together
for this 10 years... no worries, you are not alone...

... Te o nobashite goran (Reach out)
Kitto koko ni iru kara (I’ll be here)
Kowagaranai De (Don’t be afraid)
Daremo minna hitori ja nai (Nobody is alone)...
~2nd single Hey!Say!JUMP; Dreams Come True~


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