Sunday, 22 January 2017

~Masterpost~ DRAMA/MOVIE

~ Masterpost ~

I have reviewed my fav the drama/review...
and I decided to included the download links...
and of coz it is with Eng Subs.. But NOT ALL have the download links
since I can't find the source/mayb I get it from my friend....

ahah!!! btw, some of it, I have the link, but I can't exposed the links...
so for that drama, just give me your email, and I will send the link of the community
that willing to subs the drama... PLEASE TAKE NOTE!! I would not/ I won't ever send the direct links coz I am appreciating those communities that willing to subs it without any charges even they need to sacrifice their own time...

It is easier if you have the LiveJournal account...
(it's fair since that community had tried their best in subbing)
so, those who want the subs, you need to join-the-community first!!

just make an account and write an entry introducing yourself...
it is for confirmation that you are not a robot...
then request to join the communities...
ohh... b4 I forgot, please read the rules carefully...
just fulfill their simple requirement and follow the steps...
don't forget to click the request to join button...
then, you can take the subs only if they approved you...
I have to say this---> it is just a simple step...(^^,)
so, don't worry...(^^,)
and this is all my fav drama/movie...

Boys Over Flower (review only)
School 2013 (review only)
Miracle in Cell No.7 (links with ENG SUBS)

a - review only
1 Litre of Tears (review only)
Nodame Cantabile (main review)
Hungry! (review only)
Battery 2008 (review only)
Voice ~Listening to the voice of dead person~ (review only)
Assassination Classroom (main review)
HAMU ~A man of the Security Force~ (review only)
Pieces of Memories (review only)

b -links with ENGSUBS
Nodame Cantabile DRAMA (links with ENG SUB)
Nodame Cantabile MOVIE (links with ENG SUBS for
Ikemen Desu Ne (links with ENG SUBS)
Tumbling (links with Eng SUBS
Suikyu Yankees (link with ENG SUBS)
Suikyu Yankees Making [extra(^^,)]
Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyouya e Youkoso (links with ENG SUBS)
Ninkyo Helper (links with ENG SUBS)
Dr. DMAT [Dr. Disaster Medical Association Team] (links with ENG SUBS)
Nobuta Wo Produce (links with ENG SUBS)
Ouroboros (links with ENG SUBS)
Nezumi Edo wo Hashiru (links with ENG SUBS for Season1&2)
バイロケーション-Bilocation(link with ENG SUBS)
最後の約束 - The Last Promise (links with ENGSUBS) 
Ai Wa Mieru (links with ENG SUBS)
Career ~掟破りの警察署長〜 (link with ENGSUBS)
Guilty Akuma To Keiyakushita Onna (link with ENGSUBS)
Watashi no Kirai na Tantei (link with ENGSUBS)

c- unexposed link with ENGSUBS:
Assassination Classroom (comment email please)

d- Asadora series
Asa Ga Kita (link with ENGSUBS)

thanks for visit my blog...
please informed me if there is broken links...
I will tried my best to look for the new link to replace it...
~enjoy watching~

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