Wednesday, 1 March 2017

[10th anniversary] Hey! Say! JUMP ~MusicStation & Buzz Rhythm~

last 24-2-2017, HSJ busy in promoting their new singles that released on 22-2.2017
which called as "Over The Top"...
they got a chance to perform at Music Station and also be the guest of Buzz Rhythm...


Music Station

Music Station, Hey Say JUMP, EXILE The Second, LiSA,

personally I'm quite unsatisfied with JUMP costume during their performance at Music Station... I thought they would be in full-black costume... during that performance, JUMP had wore blue-black & white costume + white shoes... it's not bad actually but I think JUMP will look more kakkoii if they are in full-black costume...

Music Station

Hey Say JUMP, Music Station,

*they looks like doing an aerobic...(--,) one more thing.... I just feel pity for Keito... huhu... the camera quite late in focusing him during his solo part...

but, I'm satisfied towards the ending of HSJ performance!!!... it is bcoz Tamori-san had imitate HSJ....!!!

Music Station

*I really like this part(^^,)

Tamori, Ayaka Hironaka

*I've never see Tamori-san smiling like that and he does that during JUMP performance!!! he also imitate JUMP and Ayaka Hironaka, who sit beside him just laughing cutely....


I think this is the 3rd times JUMP be the guest for this show....
and you know what, I really like the set!!!....

Buzz Rhythm

there is a huge headphone where actually it is a speaker
and the grey area is a sofa....

Bakarhythm Masuno, Maggy,

MC for his show is Bakarhythm Masuno and Maggy...
I just know little bit about this duo MC...
1- Hidetomo Masuno is also known as Bakarhythm Masuno
he is Japanese comedian, narrator, lyricist, playwright and actor
2- Maggy is a biracial Japanese Canadian model and artist

...JUMP at BuzzRhythm...

Hey Say JUMP, Maji Sunshine, Buzz Rhythm,
1st ~Maji Sunshine~

Hey Say JUMP, Fantastic Time, Buzz Rhythm,
2nd ~Fantastic Time~

Hey Say JUMP, Over The Top, Buzz Rhythm,
3rd ~Over The Top~

this time, they had continued talking for "Ranting Corner"...
they start that corner during their 2nd time at BuzzRhytym (Fantastic Time)
since JUMP will celebrate their 10th anniversary...
it is a segment where JUMP got chance to voice out their complaints towards other members... I noticed something!!! HSJ surely a noisy group nee..(^^,)
*poor Yuyan... he got new nickname--> DVD Dorobo!!!

btw, JUMP in black!!! fully black costume and it is sooo kakkoiii!!!
*Keito solo part had been record correctly~~~

Hey Say JUMP ~Over The Top~ at  BuzzRhythm

that's all....(^^,)