Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Sakurai Sho no Johnnys VS Ariyoshi Hiroiki no Geinin Battle field of Zeus eng subs

みなさん、こんにちは ...
Minnasan, Konichiwa...
(Hello everyone...)
久しぶり Hisashiburi-des
(Long time no see...)

I'm quite excited actually...
I would face many things nee in this month...
1- I can't wait to watch DEAR concert that will be released on this 26/4/2017..
2- Dai-chan birthday is on 15/4/2017... I got an idean to write fanfic of him for his birthday(^^,)
3- 16/4/2016 is my mom birthday which also the same day as Johnny's sport-day...
seriously, I cant wait all of these!!!....

let's back to the main topic...
actually, I want to share links related to
Sakurai Sho no Johnnys VS Ariyoshi Hiroiki no geinin Battlefield of Zeus...

battlefield of zeus logo, HSJ, KATTUN, Johnny WEST, NEWS, ARASHI

all season, which is Battlefield of Zeus 1 (9/4/2015),
Battlefield of Zeus 2 (11/2/2016), and Battlefield of Zeus 3 (24/11/2016)...

I realized that some of us can't find the links
so, I'm here to help you guys out there...
b4 that, I want to mention here,
I only got the subs for Battlefield of Zeus 1 and Battlefield of Zeus 3
and for Battlefield of Zeus 2,
unfortunately, I still can't find any community that subs it...

so, since the 1st season and 3rd season had been subs by the community,
just comment your email at the comment box... later I will send the link...

I will just provide the link for the community that subs it, not the direct link..
(I'm truly appreciate their hardwork and kindness so I never give the direct link...)
so, it is better if you have the live journal acc,
and request membership from that community...
you just need to follow few simple steps to join the community,
(different community might have different rules,
so you need to make sure the rules first b4 pressing the Join The Community button)
to tell you the truth, the rules are sooo simple...
and after the community approved your request,
only then you can get the subs...
I'm not sure whether they provide the hardsubs or softsubs,
but what I'm sure is, that community is still provide the link (^^,)

so here the link for Battlefield of Zeus 2, it with no subs..

my comment:
actually, I'm quite frustrated when watching ZEUS 1&2,
it is not that bcoz Johnnys lost but I can't stand to watch Ariyoshi team celebrating their winning...
huhu... but I'm quite satisfied with ZEUS 3...
(even actually I want to watch Ueda wrestling again...)
huh... sorry for being bias here...
but I can't watch Yuyan suffered nee... oppps...

I really hope that there will be ZEUS 4...
it's normal right to have dreams...?
so my wish list for ZEUS4 are...
I want to watch Ueda, Masuda, Hikaru, Yuto, and Yuya in wrestling
(even there is no wrestling games in ZEUS3)
I want to watch WEST members in archery...
I want to watch Chinen as goal keeper and Tegoshi, Kota, Keito in doing the penalty kick...
I want to watch the brainiac team (Shige,Inoo,Nakama) doing the what we called that, err jump over the bar... and the most important is,
I wish all Johnny's are not experiencing any injuries during that shows...(^^,)

so, do my dream come true???
just let wait and see minna...
If and only if, there would be ZEUS 4,
what is your wish list??


  1. Hi, do you still have the links for this? if so, can you please email me here, alzack.leo@gmail.com


    1. good news to you (^^,) I do have the link...
      Please check your inbox, and let me know if my email didn't reach you..

  2. Pls send the link to me too ;)

    1. Hi... I had send the email (^^,)
      Let me know if it didn't reach you~~

  3. hi!! can i have the link for zeus 1 and 3? thank youuu really wanna watch it coz i only have the zeus 2. also, is there zeus 4 already?? just wanna know :) thank youuu

    1. oh, my email is jazizsol15@gmail.com. thank youuu

    2. Hi... good news to you. I still keep the link and just send to you just now~~~
      please check the email, and let me know if it didn't reach you...

      btw, there still no news regarding the ZEUS 4 even I kinda hope it happened (^^',) but I will continue hope that even it impossible to be possible at this moment~~~

  4. hello, can I have the link for the zeus 1 and 3 with subs? thank you so much i really want to watch it ;;;-;;; my email here: haitrieu0509@gmail.com

    1. gomen for the late reply..
      Please check your email, I have sent the link (^^,)
      Let me know if it didn't reach you...

  5. Hi! Can you please send me the link?
    Thank you <3

    1. hi... Please check your inbox..
      I had sent the link, and let me know if it didn't reach you... (^^,)

  6. Hi, can I get the link for zeus 1 and 3
    Thank you

    1. hi... I'm done sending the email... le me know if it didn't reach you(^^,)

  7. Hello! Can I also have the links for ZEUS 1 & 3 please ^^
    My gmail is caonguyendu@gmail.com
    Thank you!!!

    1. hi... I had send the email.. please check it and let me know if it didn't reach you~~~

  8. Could I also have the links for Zeus 1 and 3 please?

    My email: yruvian@gmail.com

    Thank you very much :)

    1. sorry for the late reply~~~
      please check your inbox, I just send the email (^^,)

  9. may i have the link of zeus 1 and 3? my email is: farahjalal489@gmail.com. thank you

    1. Hi fara... I have send the email...
      let me know if it didn't reach you (^^,)

  10. Hi! Sorry for bothering you. May I have the link of Zeus ss1&3. My gmail is: tuongvibff@gmail.com
    Thank you so much <3

    1. Hi Vi... I have send the email...
      let me know if it didn't reach you (^^,)