Tuesday, 25 April 2017

this is no joke!!!

Superman, Hey Say JUMP,

this is no JOKE!!!
it kakkoii!!!!
can't wait to watch it in full!!!! okey2...
from the sneak peek that I watched just now,
HSJ DEAR Concert Tour 2016 it is totally different
from what I assumed b4!!!

everybody's different!
I tell you, the opening  is really kakkoiii!!!!
I get the feeling when watching it, hmm...
what should I said it..
It's kind of old-era period with the creepy+classic sounds...
Ohh!! I can't describe it!!! but it is awesome!!!

I had watch a sneak peek for BEST and 7 corner...
huhu... I need to admit,
7 corner is more cool!!!
with Party monster, they looks different...
they look mature!!!
and it's really a good chance/opportunity for KEITO
to challenge himself this time...
for BEST, it is not I'm not entertain watching them,
but compared to 7,
7 looks more dangerous, brave...
they even didn't have much choreograph...
they enjoy on stage more compared to BEST,
which have some choreograph...


never mind, in conclusion,
this concert still the best!!!

right after this, definitely I want to review it!!!
but if and only if I managed to get a copy of that concert (^^,)
btw the DVD will be officially released on 26-4-2017...
yup, that's tomorrow...!!!
that's why I'm fully excited to wait for those
who willing to share their joy with me....
*BOTH Pics credit to rightful owner

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