Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Johnny's Journey [J's J]


Johnny's Journey, Johnny's Teacher,

Johnny's Journey also known as J's J had been featured by
Yamashita Tomohisa, Kis-My-Ft2 Kitayama Hiromitsu,
Hey Say JUMP Takaki Yuya & Chinen Yuri,
Takizawa Hideaki, and ABC-Z.

Later this series had been replaced with J's Teacher
which featured by Fujigaya Taisuke. (info from here)

I had been addicted to this series starting when I watch
Takaki Yuya and Chinen travel to France...
and from there I starts to search other series
and collect it until now...
and the good news is, finally.... hehe....
I managed to collect all of it!!!!...

Eng subs??
huhu... but only 5 of it had eng subs...
I can't find the subs for ABC-Z Journey...
but it still worth to watch since I can understand that little bit
bcoz they can understand/speak English...

so, here the full series f Johnny's Journey
and also Johnny's Teacher...

YamaP, Route66, Johnny's Journey

~ Yamashita Tomohisa ~
Route 66 (wEngSub)

Kitayama, Johnny's Journey, India

~ Kis-My-Ft2 Kitayama Hiromitsu ~
Backpack Trip Alone Across India (wEngSub)

Yuya Takaki, Yuri Chinen, Johnny's Journey, France

~ HSJ Takaki Yuya & Chinen Yuri ~
Alone Trip Across France On Local Trains (wEngSub)

Tackey, Johnny's Journey, South America

~ Takizawa Hideaki ~
Cutting Through 4800 km of South America (wEngSub)

ABC-Z, Johnny's Journey, Australia

~ ABC-Z ~
Journey Through Australia (RAW)

Fujigaya, Johnny's Journey, Russia

~ Kis-My-Ft2 Fujigaya Taisuke ~
goes to Far East Russia (wEngSub)


*those who want to watch/download, you can comment your email,
and I will send you the link...
I will just provide the link of the journal that willing to share the happiness....
it is not the direct link!!!...
(I'm truly appreciate her kindness so I never give the direct link...)
It is better if you have the livejournal acc,
and request friend from that person...
*You need to post your introduction entry...
otherwise the community might not accept your request....
(click HERE to see the example, that's mine and don't forget to add me, OK😉)

"Journey of life goes on..."
~Johnny's Journey~ đŸ˜Š

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