Thursday, 22 June 2017

Happy 27th Birthday!!!

Happy 27th Birthday!!!
Otanjoubi Omedetou Mushroom guy (^^,)
opps no, he is Random guy... huh? Nonsensical Guy in BEST?
Happy Birthday Inoo-kun...

inoo kei, hey say jump, 22/7

manage to watch him in InooMeshi,
where today, he happily eating gyutan (beef tongue)
with satisfied face... haha...

btw, Ohno-senpai had asked him to lift up his bangs (^^,)
is he going to change his hairstyle after this??
haha... after Yuya decide to cut his hair,
are we gonna get a new look from our Random guy too?
can't wait nee...

but frankly speaking, I want him to change his hairstyle
bcoz he stick with that bangs too long...
he once had said that he will looks bad if he lift up the bangs...

Inoo with lift up bangs?
but it will looks best on you if you didn't make weird expression, Inoo-kun...😔
as expected from JUMP Random Guy a.k.a Mushroom Guy a.k.a Nonsensical Guy in BEST...; since its comes from you, I think Tobikko will forgive that face Inoo-kun(^^,)