Friday, 23 March 2018

Cannot Set Default Printer on Windows 7 because of Error 0x00000709

it had been a while I didn't share any tips in this blog...
so today, I face new problem and alhamdulillah,
I manage to solve it by following some steps from
thanks for a big help~~~

orait... let's start now...

the problem that I unpredictably faced just now is:

One message box appears while I'm trying to set my printer as a default printer for my laptop... the message is:  Operation could not be completed(error 0x00000709). DOuble click the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network.

so, the error box appears many times... at first I thought it appeared because too much program running while I'm installing the printer driver (I'm currently downloading Cross-Korean Drama) but looks like that's not the problem...

Cross ~Korean Drama~

Cross ~Korean Drama~
pic from HERE

I really recommend this drama... this drama is about the revenge of a doctor towards the criminal who killed his father... with his skills as a doctor, he want to make the criminal suffered! .. ... ... oppss... need to back to main topic!

.... .... and I'm almost remove the printer driver since I'm at lost.... but somehow my fingers start typing the error's problem at Mr. Google and found the answer... and fortunately, I didn't remove the driver yet! it's take almost half an hour to install the driver!!! and the answer really help me alot as I manage to correct the error in merely 30 minutes~~~

so, how to correct this error???

let me explain it step by step...

[IMPORTANT] Please back up your registry first... The changes might worse the problem if you missed some steps...

[reminder] I'm not expert in this course... I'm just a loner who trying to solve the problem with all my might b4 consulting the expert just bcoz to save my time and money.... and I will shared all the tips if and only if it managed to solve my problems.....(^^,) So it's up to you to follow it or to ignore it, I'm not taking any responsibility if the problem worse... However, every tips that I shared, I would not forget to insert a line that reminds you to backup first b4 I'm continue in explaining the tips... and I will include the original site of what I found to solve the prob, at the end of this post... it is the original website that I referred to correct the error....(^^,)

1- Click START button and search for regedit...

Error 0x00000709

Error 0x00000709

2- Click it, and choose YES when a message box appeared.

Error 0x00000709

and this message box will appeared. 

Error 0x00000709

3- Now, follow this...

     HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > Current Version > Windows

Error 0x00000709
...ignore the right side... I'm screenshot it after I manage to correct the error... but still, there is DEFAULT, (DEFAULT).... if your message box be like this, at least has this two default, means up until now, you are on the right track~~

4- Look at the right side. Click Device 2x...

Error 0x00000709

5- This message box will appeared. Enter your printer name in Value Data column and click OK.
[For example, my printer name is Canon E400 series Printer]

Error 0x00000709

then your problem should be solved. (try to set your printer as default, it should be work now...) However....

6- If "Cannot edit device: Error writing the value's new contents." appeared, means you need to get the permission of key. To get the permission, right-click at Windows and choose Permission

Error 0x00000709

7- This message box will appeared. Tick both box for "Full Control" and "Edit". Then, click Apply and OK.

Error 0x00000709

8-  Then, go to UserSelectDefault and rename it with your printer name.
Then, your problem should be corrected! 

**In my case, the problem still there and seriously I'm soooo annoyeddDDD at that time... then, I'm re-do 4th step, where I double-click the word Device and rename with my printer name again... and I checked it again with the hope this times the prob solved... and YES! the problem solved!!!

The Original site that I referred Drivereasy

that's all... Hope this simple tips can solved your problem... (^^,) all tips credit to drivereasy....