Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Keito! Ganbatte!

rest assured minna~~~
well2..... this few weeks, we gotta much from JE, deshou~~

and the latest is Keito taking hiatus to continue his studies....
wellll.... it's actually not a bad decision after all... for me, it's good if he want to continue his studies, why not deshou?

furthermore after we know he could not able to complete his study before, shouldn't we give him another chance, to prove that he able to do what he want do...
and this time, he had take risky decision where he will go to America to study for 2 years (if I'm not mistaken) and he will join JUMP later after he finished his studies...

but, somehow, Tobikko feel insecure because definitely 2 years is such long time... even me feel worried if he didnt make comeback in HSJ... I meet JUMP with 9 members and I hope the number did not decrease... I didn't know much about Morimoto Ryutaro but those who meet JUMP with 10-members must feel more insecure than me...


after read bunch of critics + encouragement from Twitter, FB and LJ, finally tonight, I'm able to come out with my own decision!

I will wait for him to make a comeback! 

nande? Why?

Because he himself had said, makes that promised during JUMP fanmeeting at HongKong... he might say that in his KeitOpinion, I don't know coz I'm not catching up that... but, just now, he again need to make comment on that matter... and he do said few things... lucky me, he speaks english so that I'm able to understand it (^^,)

Hey Say JUMP, Keito Okamoto

Hey Say JUMP, Keito Okamoto

...I will miss you... I will miss my members... and I will definitely miss our fans around the world... and I'm sorry for the sudden announcement...
however, I would like to enhance my skills in singing, dancing and also acting in english and I will promise... I will promised that I will comeback to Hey! Say! JUMP in the future... Thank you....

If it possible... if it possible, it will be pleasured if you could support my decision that I make for my life... Once again, I will miss you and... it will be nice if you could wait for me comeback... Thank you...

- HEY! SAY! JUMP Keito Okamoto

Hey Say JUMP, Keito Okamoto

Yuto and Yuyan courage's tap on Keito shoulder makes me touched... and with Yabu-kun speech, I feel calm now.... if JUMP members can support him, why should we makes criticize on his decision?
Let's just wish him good luck instead of making fun on his decision...

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