Friday, 31 May 2019

May is come to end~~

its already 31st May~~~
Time flies so fast...I even didn't realize till I remembered the upcoming Aidilfitri (^^,)

since I got no topic in my mind, I want to brag about these two released last few days from the same group...
it happened in May tho and yes, you not hear it wrong,
this group had released their new single twice this month!

Lucky-Unlucky / Oh!My Darling
JUMP look fresh and young~~~~
with pastel color, I'm quite shocked with their fresh image~~~
this song actually for Chinen drama...

btw, this single include HSJ Yamada Ryosuke solo song- Oh!MyDarling
and yeah, it comes with PV too...
after watching it nth times, I can say that Yamada looks a fine man~~~
no more chibi, he upgraded to be a very fine, gentleman~~~
this song is used for Kose Lachesca CM...

Ai dake ga subete?- What do you want?
I LOVE this song!!!!
LOVE the PV!!!
I keep replaying the PV and the mp3 too...
this song is for HSJ Inoo drama...
ah! their new song called as Bloom is promising too~~~
b4 that, this release is being JUMP 1st released of DVD single...
*I can't wait to receive my copy~~

yosh! It's completed!
*actually I promise myself to keep update at least twice a month..*
Oyasumi minna~~~

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