Friday, 8 November 2019

I missed the date!!!!

I cannot believe this!!!
I missed the date!!
It's already Nov now...

well, it is nothing big...
but to my record, I had broken my promise to myself... again!
such a shameful as I always keep on track for the past months...
but towards the end, I missed it!

I had once made the promise (early this year) that I will update every month!!!
even if it just one entry!
but I missed the OCT'19 entry~~~~
and it's already 8Nov2019 today.....

Actually, I can correct it...
let see if I manage to do it...
I just figured it out~~~~


****Finally~~~I managed to do it (^^,)
and here the link, which I purposely set the date to be in Oct2019
Storm and Silence[ Robert Thier]

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