a group of nine-young men...
they are different in many ways,
but hold on to the same dreams...
they are Hey! Say! JUMP...

I meet this man thanks to my twin...
at first, I do feel annoyed every time she made me
watching their performances...
but slowly, I start adored them!
I love their passion!
I love their hard works...!
and slowly I accept the fate that
I start being a hard-to-die Tobikko~~~

Hey! Say! JUMP
 they had been divided into 2 sub-group based on their age...
Hey! Say! BEST and Hey! Say! 7....

I'm always updating their activities,
either in drama/movie, variety shows...
besides that, I will summarize any movie that related
with their senpai (先輩) or kouhai (後輩) too...

and of coz I will focus on the one that has eng/malay/indo subs only...
It can't help nee since I can't understand Japanese..
and I will provide the link of that drama/movie/variety show...

some link can't be exposed to the public...
bcoz it is only for the member of that community...

so, my advice is, just make one LiveJournal account,
post one entry(any topic) for example introduction about yourself+your bias,
and comment your email in Comment Box...
*the introduction entry is for the confirmation that you are not a robot (^^,)
after that, I will send the link to you and of coz
that link is the LiveJournal community;
not the direct link to download/watch it...
if I have +1 your comment, it means I have read your comment
and replying your email...
**don't forget to read rules of that community first b4 join the community...
some community quite strict in approving new member...


vocal, songwriter, actor
graduated from Waseda University
(Human Sciences Dept)
Instrument: Guitar
Variety Show: Itadaki High JUMP

the eldest member...
very reliable members; mostly relate with back-scene
(I read somewhere and the members also said the same thing)...
or maybe he can be assumed as an unofficial leader too *since HSJ has no leader*
however, he is the clumsy person and always forget his own things...

vocal, actor, DJ
Radio: JUMP da Baby! (bayfm), MusicBit (FM Oh!)
Variety show: Itadaki High JUMP,
Tokoro-san no Gakkou dewa Oshiete Kurenai Sokon Tokoro!

If I'm not mistaken, I heard from somewhere
that Yuya doesn't graduate his high school
since he chose to be a part of Johnny Jr...
I tried to find the truth about it but sadly
I can't bcoz there was no source regarding that matter...
*I got to know the reason he drops out from school is not bcoz the school,
it is bcoz he wants to do what he wants...
btw if it true, Yuya really braves nee...
at a young age, he already decided to drop out of school
and concentrate on the things that he loves
even though he knows that it is really difficult to debut in Johnny...
[correct me if I'm wrong(^^,)]

few years after JUMP debut, the rebellious stage had hit him
which ended up he distances himself from JUMP and almost quit from JUMP...
but fortunately, the members' face saves him...
(he stop his tend to quit since every member face suddenly appeared in his mind)

after that time, he starts talking with members and
use all chances that he has to get close with the members...
well, it's not the members avoid him at first place,
it just he is the one that 'run' from them...
but when the members realized he wants to change,
they accept it and respond to it...
as a result, Yuyan is known as the members who love JUMP the most *after Ryosuke*....

Yuyan at first known as a person who has wild-kowaii image...
BUT nowadays, he had turned into kawaiii+pure person...
isn't the gap makes him looks cool??
for me, it 100x YES...(^^,)

vocal, actor, DJ
graduated from Meiji University
(Architecture, School of Science and Technology Dept.)
Instrument: piano
Radio: Rajira Saturday! (NHK)
Variety Show: Itadaki High JUMP, Meringue no Kimochi, Mezamashi TV

at first, he always left behind and be the back dancer of the group...
but this 'mushroom guy' had got his own spotlight with his known randomness...
seriously, I think he is the most patient guy! he believed himself more than others...
he is on his pace, move forward and never give up!
and as a result, he becomes one of MC for Meringue no Kimochi and Mezamashi TV...

vocal, rapper, songwriter, actor
Instrument: bass
radio: Rajira Saturday! (NHK)
variety show: Hirunandesu! School Kakumei, Itadaki High JUMP

love his spontaneous-mistakes (also known as Hikka-point)
even all members had makes fun of it...
he scared of the cat... yeah, that cute-cat can make him JUMP high!
the gap when him being 'baka' and serious, surely impressed me...
coz when he starts talking about his music/work, he becomes diff person...
psst, his tears in I/O concert makes my eyes teary too...
I feel how he feel to be with members, facing all the challenge in their 10th years...
well, ganbatte hikka!!...

vocal, DJ, actor
radio: JUMP the Baby! (Bayfm)
variety show: Hirunandesu!, Itadaki High JUMP

his face! don't be fooled by that face!
he already 27+ yet he looks like didn't age at all...
for arioka, I love how he closes with JUMP...
getting tease bcoz of his not-so-height, that bright smile-face always
makes people around him happy...
even by looking at his face, everybody will smile...
he almost never gets annoyed with members...
maybe?? well, his mad-face never get captured by camera nee...

vocal, DJ
Instrument: Guitar
radio: Hey Say 7 Ultra JUMP
variety show: Itadaki High JUMP

sad truth but it's a reality-->
he dropped out from Sophia International University
(English literature) Read HERE for more explanation
*starting Aug 2018, he had been on hiatus;
he managed to get into university at the US...
he is expected to graduate in 2 years...
wish him good luck nee~~~

he is the most hardworking member!
since his lifespan as Jr is the shortest,
so he needs more time to get used with the entertainment world...
but he didn't use that an excuse, rather he tried his best to be the
same level as other members~~
and that's the reason why I support his decision to go to study abroad...
maybe he will be more comfortable when he continues his study in the other country
where they didn't know him as an artist...

whatever it is, I will be waiting for him...
and I definitely welcomed him to be on JUMP back...

need to state here, b4 he goes to study,
he had left the most incredible work done by him
which is the song title H.Our TIme...
that song is composed by Keito Okamoto with the members' help him
in writing the lyrics in the relay...

that song is a great present that will fill his place in these 2 years...
hopefully, he will compose songs when he studying too...
I mean for members as a gift for his return.. who knows right? (^^,)
Ganbatte Keito!

vocal, actor, voice actor, songwriter, DJ
Instrument: Saxophone
Radio: Hey say 7 Ultra JUMP
Variety Show: Itadaki High JUMP, School Kakumei

the ace of the group!
his love towards JUMP can't be questioned...
lost words to write about him...
even my ichiban is yuya, but I can't deny that Ryosuke
is the ace of the group...
his mind combine with Yabu-kun great leadership
makes the JUMP fly highest...
and with members cooperation, JUMP will JUMP HIGH!
psst... his weaknesses are natto and frog... and also haunted place~~

vocal, actor, DJ
Instrument : drum
radio: Hey say 7 UltraJUMP
variety show: Itadaki High JUMP

the most cheerful and energetic member!
he can be compared as rabbit, who love to hop anytime, anywhere...
his stubborn (in good ways) can be well seen
when he did not understand something...
his works in acting superb! love his drama; HOPE!.
really recommend it...

vocal, actor, voice actor, acrobatics
Radio: Hey Say 7 UltraJUMP
variety show: Itadaki high JUMP, School Kakumei

the cutest, smallest and youngest member of the group!
and I think he the most flexible??
I'm not sure of it... but he does love acrobatics...
he can be reliable since he mostly succeeds in
whatever challenge given to him
(especially sport where he needs to run, jump or maybe flying?)


they had been together for 10 years...
and they always continue in coloring music industry
with their music....

they had released 7 album,
24 singles + 2SP released...

so let's get started!!!


we can see their changes either in term of their music
or their looking nee.. we can't deny that now,
they are really ikemen...

JUMP NO.1 (2010), Hey Say JUMP,

JUMP NO.1 (2010)

JUMP WORLD (2012), Hey Say JUMP


S3ART (2014), Hey Say JUMP

S3ART (2014)

JUMPING CAR (2015), Hey Say JUMP


DEAR (2016), Hey Say JUMP

DEAR (2016)

I/O 2007~2017 (2017), Hey Say JUMP

I/O 2007~2017 (2017)
...it is the Best Album released in 2017 in celebrating HSJ 10th Anniversary...

Sense or Love (2018)

Sense or Love (2018)
...1st album with 8 members as Keito is on hiatus
(he continued his studies at US)...



Hey! Say!, Hey Say 7(original)

Hey! Say! (2017)
this single had been released early 2007
under the temporary group; Hey! Say! 7....
so, the 5 original members of Hey! Say! 7 are
Yuya Takaki, Daiki Arioka, Ryosuke Yamada, Yuto Nakajima, and Yuri Chinen...

later, on 24 September 2007, another 5 Johnny's Jrs had joined them
and formed a group called Hey Say JUMP.
This 10 members had been categorized under two subgroups
called as Hey!Say!BEST (for older members)
and Hey!Say!7(for younger members)

 Ultra Music Power (2007), Hey Say JUMP

Ultra Music Power (2007)
~HSJ with 10 members debut with this single~
it had been released on 22 November 2007...

Dreams Come True (2008), Hey Say JUMP

Dreams Come True (2008)
2nd single by HSJ...
it includes "Oretachi No Seishun" Yuya solo songs for Gokusen 3...

Your Seed/Bouken Rider (2008), Hey Say JUMP

Your Seed/Bouken Rider (2008)
it had been announced that "Your Seed" will be used
as the image song for Kung Fu Panda....

Mayonaka No Shadow Boy (2009), Hey Say JUMP

Mayonaka No Shadow Boy (2009)
it is a theme song for Scrap Teacher - Kyoshi Saisei
starring by HSJ Daiki Arioka, HSJ Ryosuke Yamada,
HSJ Yuto Nakajima, HSJ Chinen Yuri...

Hitomi No Screen (2010), Hey Say JUMP

Hitomi No Screen (2010)
it is a theme song for Hidarime Tantei Eye
starring HSJ Ryosuke Yamada...

Arigatou ~ Sekai Ni Doko Ni Itemo (2010), Hey Say JUMP

Arigatou ~ Sekai Ni Doko Ni Itemo (2010)
in this song, HSJ had shown how they thanks
their fans all over the world...
the word THANK YOU will be express by HSJ
by using 10 different languages....
it is unique neee....

Over (2011), Hey Say JUMP

Over (2011)

Magic Power (2011), Hey Say JUMP

Magic Power (2011)
this song was the theme song for
dubbed animated movie: The Smurfs
where HSJ Ryosuke Yamada and HSJ Chinen Yuri
has used their voice for that movie...
*the first single with only 9 members
as the youngest, Ryutaro had quit from Johnny...
currently, he had debuted with a new group called as ZERO...

Super Delicate (2012), Hey Say JUMP

Super Delicate (2012)
it is a theme song for Risou No Musuko
starring HSJ Ryosuke Yamada and HSJ Yuto Nakajima
*I've been falling love HSJ after listening to this song...
their dance sooo kakkoii and sync...

Come On A My House (2013), Hey Say JUMP

Come On A My House (2013)
 the song is used as CM song for
House Foods 'Vermont Curry'

Ride With Me (2013), Hey Say JUMP

Ride With Me (2013)
it is a theme song for
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo
Gokumon Juku Satsujin Jiken
starring by HSJ Ryosuke Yamada and HSJ Daiki Arioka...
the set was at Taman Negara Pahang...
yes... it is in Malaysia,
and Amy Mastura make the cameo at the ending (^^,)

Aino Arika/Aisureba Motto Happy Life (2014), Hey Say JUMP

Aino Arika/Aisureba Motto Happy Life (2014)
 "Aino Arika" is a theme song for Dark System Koi No Ouza Ketteisen
starring by HSJ Hikaru Yaotome and HSJ Kei Inoo...

Weekender/Asu E No Yell (2014), Hey Say JUMP

Weekender/Asu E No Yell (2014)
"Weekender" is the theme song for
 Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (Neo)
starring HSJ Ryosuke Yamada and HSJ Daiki Arioka
and "Asu E No Yell" is the theme song for
Suikyu Yankees starring HSJ Yuto Nakajima and HSJ Yuya Takaki...

Chau/Wo I Need You (2015), Hey Say JUMP

Chau/Wo I Need You (2015)
 Chau is used as CM song for
Bourbon's Almond Karamel Popcorn
and WO I Need You is the theme song for
TV Tokyo Variety program
"Little Tokyo Life" starring by HSJ and Johnny's West...

Kimi Attraction (2015), Hey Say JUMP

Kimi Attraction (2015)
 the song is used as CM song for Softymo's cleansing products...
each member will call out the catchphrase
"Kimi ga No.1" (You're No.1)...

Maji Sunshine (2016), Hey Say JUMP

Maji Sunshine (2016)
 it is a catchy summer song released by HSJ...
it also used as Kose Comestic's Sancut commercial...
and the B-side song, We Are Otoko No Ko
serve as ending theme for Little Tokyo Life....

Fantastic Time (2016), Hey Say JUMP

Fantastic Time (2016)
it is such a long time to watch them dance like that!!!
if I remembered, the last PV they dance-non-stop
is Ride With Me...
with Neo-retro techno-pop concept,
they appeared in PV with powerful dance...
it is an opening theme song for NTV's anime Time Bokan 24...

Give Me Love (2016), Hey Say JUMP

Give Me Love (2016)
with mellow R&B sound, they show off
their mature side....
it is a theme song for HSJ Ryosuke Yamada
drama Cain and Abel....

Over The Top (2017), Hey Say JUMP

Over The Top (2017)
it is special released where there are 2 PV!!!!!
one for "Over The Top" and the other one is "Funky Time"...
"Over The Top"  is the opening song Time Bokan 24
(if I'm not mistaken it is for the second series of Time Bokan 24)...

Precious Girl/A.Y.T (2017), Hey Say JUMP

Precious Girl/Are You There? (2017)
"Precious Girl" had been used as the background song for
for "Are You There?", it is a theme song for 孤食ロボット (Koshoku Robot)
that been performed by sub-unit A.Y.T (Arioka,Yaotome&Takaki)

White Love (2017)

White Love (2017)
this is the theme song for HSJ Yuri Chinen
movie Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai...
I love the colors... maybe it's bcoz I personally love red color???
btw, I satisfied with all the songs included in this single!!
really recommend it...
~~~give it a listen first and I bet you might fall in love with it~~~

Mae Wo Muke (2018)
Mae Wo Muke (2018)
this is the theme song for HSJ Ryosuke Yamada
drama Momikeshite Fuyu...
should watch the PV as the
choreo; open-closed jacket dance so kakkoiii!!!

Cosmic Human (2018)

Cosmic Human/Yancha na Hero (2018)
this is the theme song for Tokyo Alien Brothers
starring by our mushroom-guy, HSJ Inoo Kei...
it is a catchy song with cute-overdosed-cheesiness lyrics...
and for Yancha na Hero, it is special for HS7..
it is actually for Nintama Rantarou ending song
*correct me if I'm wrong*

Lucky Unlucky / Oh! My Darling (2019)

Lucky Unlucky / Oh! My Darling (2019)
Lucky Unlucky is the theme song for HSJ Chinen Yuri
drama Atama ni Kitemo Aho to wa Tatakauna
while Oh! My Darling is HSJ Yamada Ryosuke solo song
and it is for the Kose Lachesca CM



Ai Dake Ga Subete - What do you want? (2019)

Ai Dake Ga Subete - What do you want? (2019)
this is JUMP 1st DVD single...
the song is used for HSJ Inoo Kei drama
Kaisefu noMitazono Season 3...
Their senpai; TOKIO Matsuoka Masahiro
will join HSJ in the PV... He played as Mitazono in the drama...




2008-2009 HEY! SAY! JUMP-ING

2010 HEY! SAY! 10 JUMP





2014 S3ART


2016 DEAR


~first JUMP BLURAY edition~


there are 2 special single released
as they had be known as Sensations...
the songs then used for Yamada Ryosuke's movie,
where one classroom had been appointed
to kill their teacher, Koro-Sensei since he is an alien...

1st series: Assassination Classroom

 2nd series: Assassination Classroom ~Graduation


seeing them achieved success
nowadays make me happy nee...
I met HSJ when they are 9-members...
bcoz of that I really hope that they always releasing
new album/single/dvd with that 9-members....
I bet losing one member will make a huge loses...

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